Cold run, more fun

WELL AFTER YESTERDAY’S DEBACLE while doing CrossFit, I decided today was a day to run. Feeling slightly guilty about stopping early on my first day, I made sure that I put in a good effort today. Despite the cold, gusty wind that seemed to always be blowing into my face whichever direction I was facing, and the drizzly rain that was getting in every nook and cranny it could find, I set out to redeem myself.

Part of the reason I stopped yesterday was so that I wouldn’t injure my hamstrings and I would be able to run today. I’m glad I did as I woke up with them feeling a little tight but that quickly sorted itself out when I pulled on my running shoes and warmed up. I have a regular route that I run through the old town in Germany where I am currently living which according to mapmyrun is 3.36 miles long. I didn’t want to kill myself and I don’t want to over train and get ill like an idiot (I have done that quite a few times too) so I thought this would be a nice ease back into running.

I set out trying to push the pace and despite having one or two moments where I felt like I could have stopped, the short steep climb from the bottom of the moat to the top of the surrounding wall being the main one, I pushed on and pushed hard. It resulted in me actually getting a PB for the route in spite of the fact that I have not run frequently or regularly since mid September. I averaged 8:04 minutes / mile coming in at a total of 27:09 minutes. Not bad, I thought, and came home very happy indeed. I quickly showered and changed then sat down to budget for some holidays!

Who said this lifestyle revolution was solely for doing more exercise?

So, as I have already mentioned, I live in Germany now with my girlfriend and have done for the last 8 months or so. We came here for work related reasons and one of the main deciding factors was that we could use our limited time here to do some serious exploring of continental Europe. With trains so cheap and a veritable smorgasbord of exciting and interesting places within driving distance to choose from, what an opportunity! Well, so far that hasn’t worked out. Each and every month we have had one thing or another that has got in the way of us doing these trips. I am starting to think that it was all excuses though. I mean, affordability isn’t a problem – the budgeting proved that – and the desire to do it isn’t a problem either. So what is it? Your guess is as good as mine but I wouldn’t be surprised if laziness was a factor.

What do I want to do on the weekend?

I ask this question to myself every single week and without fail the answer is the same. EVERYTHING! So why don’t I do it? Because when it get’s to Friday I become Mr. Lethargic.

I’ve had a hard week at work.
I need a rest.
Just one quiet weekend isn’t too much to ask, is it?

I say these things like the last seven or eight weekends were crammed with activities when in reality it was probably more like one in the last three. Before I know it, I’m vegetating on the sofa half watching TV, half ‘browsing’ the internet (Facebook -> BBC News -> Fantasy Football -> Facebook ->  Read about doing exercise -> Facebook -> BBC News… You get the idea) and half doing absolutely nothing. Come 2 pm, in my mind boggling boredom, I might get up and do a run. What a waste of time! So life revolution number two is:

Plan more for the weekends – and do it!

Hence two forthcoming weekend trips to different major German cities.

In truth, I have probably slightly exaggerated the level of mundane activity that my life seems to have taken on, but the principle is still valid. I have the means to tour places I have never seen, experience cultures and lifestyles, and meet people that are more different to me than I could ever imagine (and all the less glamourous crap that inevitably comes with that). So why aren’t I? I don’t know, so in future I will!

Summary of today (so far)

  1. Went for a run – finished very well
  2. Budgeted for and began planning a couple of breaks to German cities
  3. Fixed the kitchen (again) after my darling girlfriend melted one of the oven gloves on to my freshly cleaned, ‘brand new’ hob

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